Big news.

Hello everyone. I'm so sorry for being gone for too long, what with school and all. But now that I've graduated, I will have time to update this doujinshi again...hopefully, with a better art style that everyone would enjoy. ^^

This is for Dual's birthday. The new Kingdom Hearts game also motivated to work on this again. XD

I apologize for the long wait. I will update the new page some time soon. :) (I'm planning to change the whole layout, too.)

Much love. Hope you're all having a nice day!


Aella Yuki (Guest),

Happiness~ Although this is the first time I came onto this page for these few months, I'm glad you're going to continue to draw Advanced Theory. I thought you weren't going to continue but I guess I was wrong. I hope you update soon cause I love this very much!!!

Thetra (Guest),

I remember the first time I came to this site.
I read Advanced Theory when Dual first wrote it. I remember waiting for her updates every week!
And when I saw that you were making a doujin I really looked forward to it.
I still do.
Advanced Theory was and still is my favorite RikuxSora fanfic of them all. So I will keep on waiting for the day that you continue!!
Much love~

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